Demi yunto Shampoo Light 500ml yunto hea-tori-tomento II 500g, if changing Set

Light denim yunto Shampoo 500ml and yunto hea-tori-tomento I 500g in economical refill set,yunto light shampoo is shampoo, rich lather and a refreshing feel to the “Clean” High Quality Alcohol Free, Silicone Free, Synthetic Coloring Free),yunto Shampoo Light, is fluffy and discretion, the Paramount root for a finished appearance. Fresh look for a green apple and rose scent,yunto hea-tori-tomento II is designed to “fill” Dermatologist heatori-tomento synthetic coloring free


« Demi yunto Series » [] 90% or more over 90% organic formula derived from natural plant ingredients derived from plant ingredients and clean water on the other. Natural and yet you can “wash” and “Meet Your Choice, the eizingukeasiri-zu. [Washing] nature’s blessing “soap ingredients” and “from the old” soap “you’ve used it as a vegetable derived cleaning ingredients. From the grace of that this soap ingredient to the skin and hair, natural, made in the USA. [moisture and shine to meet the, “Beauty 潤 hiaruseramido”] electricity peak along with your age reduce the taste and brilliance. “Beauty 潤 hiaruseramido” moisture and shine to find and up to you. [fragrance inspired by a daburuhureguransu] always new to one, large, natural feel and the scent of one of the combination. Love and yasasi spread the love with a gentle scent. [lineup] A Wide Range To Choose From, from the condition of your hair may combinations according to your requirements to meet, and every hair with maximum support and a smooth suggestions included.