mirubon jemi-ruhuran hi-togurosu Medium Shampoo 200ml Treatment G Set [jemile Fran]

Hair from the Inside of a soft material creates the foundation of your tone, smooth to the touch.,Exudes the dry and shine every time you use the heat up to form a flexible membrane, smooth to touch.,Shampoo 200ml, treatment w/180g,


Shampoo merouamino * The smooth touch the base of protective ingredients to make [Features] cmadk ingredient * 1 (hair repair ingredients) Flexible akuabata- * 2 (ingredients) merouamino * 3 (hair) treatment * oiruu-ruesuteru derived from wool and not betatuka flexible form a skin. Smooth to touch. [Feature] hi-togurosu ingredient) botanikarubata- * 3 (PPT) cmadk * 2 (* 1 (hair repair ingredients hair repair ingredients hair protective ingredient) wool * 4 (hair protective ingredient) and phthalates