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nc-ssa 4.0LNC-SSA400         nc-ssa 3.0LNC-SSA300

SSA400 Package size: W350 × H380 × D260 mm

SSA300 Package size:  W345 × H335 × D258 mm



VOLTAGE : 220V  50Hz

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220V / 50Hz / IH



NC-SSA400 / NC-SSA300

Ceramic filter removes impurities.*1 Enjoy clean, hot water whenever you want.

Clean, hot water with a Panasonic original ceramic filter *2

NC-SSA400 / NC-SSA300

The filtering power of the submerged filter with encased ceramic removes impurities such as chlorine, mold odor, and trihalomethanes*, producing clean, hot water. The pot also resists mineral build-up, reducing maintenance hassle.


* Approximately 85% removal rate under The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association’s JEMA-HD065 standards, when boiled on high at maximum capacity. Tests conducted on Japanese and Chinese water with 1 ppm chlorine, 120 ppt mold odor, and 40 ppb trihalomethanes.





Energy smart with U-Vacua and an energy saving function

Panasonic’s own high-performance vacuum insulation panel U-Vacua prevents heat from escaping the inner pot. The energy saving function also memorizes household usage patterns and automatically shuts off the heater during non-usage hours, cutting energy costs when keeping water warm.

Spotlight makes pouring water easy

The spotlight indicates where the water comes out, making it easy to place the cup in the right spot and check how much has been poured.nc-ssa exterior

Other features

  • Diamond fluorine & binchotan-carbon coated inner pot…makes maintenance easy
  • Healthy tea function…helps extract more “tasty elements” of tea such as cathechin.


Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

NC-SSA300 (3.0L), NC-SSA400 (4.0L)


-RK(Rouge Black), -W(White)

Additional information

Power Source: 220V

■ Specifications

Model No. NC-SSA400 NC-SSA300
Colour -RK (rougeblack) / -W (white) -W (white)
Power 220V
Power consumption when boiling water (approx.) 875W
Capacity 4.0L 3.0L
Dimensions (approx.) W247xD345xH339 mm W247xD345xH290 mm
Mass (approx.) 3.5kg 3.2kg
Energy saving
Vacuum insulation
Energy saving function
Energy saving boiler sensor
Taste · Care
Ceramic filter
Diamond fluorine & binchotan-carbon coated inner pot
Healthy tea function
Ease of use
Temperature adjustment of the retaining warmth
Dispensing volume adjustment 4steps
Cordless dispensing

*1 Approximately 85% removal rate under The Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association’s JEMA-HD065 standards, when boiled on high at maximum capacity. Tests conducted on Japanese and Chinese water with 1 ppm chlorine, 120 ppt mold odor, and 40 ppb trihalomethanes.

*2 Rough replacement period: 1 year
For replacement parts, please contact an authorised service centre (as described in the warranty).

Returns, Exchange and Warranty

      Returns and Exchange Policies

To prevent return or exchange, you are advised to read carefully all the  product specifications and if in doubt contact us regarding the product you are interested in. If you receive your product and you find that it is damaged or faulty you can return it and ask for it to be replaced.
Returns will be accepted within 10 days of receipt of your order.
Before refunding any item, you must notify us by email for “Return Authorization” stating clearly the reason for the return, failure of which, the return will not be accepted.
If you stubbornly return any product without “Return Authorization” it will be confiscated.
If after we have carried out an inspection and it is confirmed that the product is defective, that the damage is not of your making or that the wrong product was shipped to you (which rarely happens due to our stringent Inspection), you will bear the cost of shipping the product to us except in the case where we mistakenly shipped the wrong product to you, while myjapanaddress will shoulder the cost of  shipping the product back to you.
The product to be returned has to be in the original packaging and should not be missing any packing materials or peripheral parts such as remote control, cables, plugs,tags,certificate of appraisal, instruction cd etc.
If any parts or items are found missing in the package, myjapanaddress reserves the right to levy a restocking fee (percentage of the cost of the product) depending on the product.
In case you qualify for a reimbursement from myjapanaddress.com, your account will be credited in US dollars.
You are advised to use tracked shipping when shipping any product back to us.
If you don’t use tracked shipping and the product gets missing we will bear no responsibility and will consider the case closed because the burden will be on you the shipper to proof that the product was shipped. Please take note that the following products do not qualify for return or exchange.
1) Cars, Motorbikes, and other bulky products
2) Used items
Used products no matter what cannot be returned.
3) Product state is not as was shipped due to misuse or poor handling by the customer
4) Product is damaged or soiled by the customer
5) Customer mistakenly ordered the wrong item
6) Return notification made 10 days after receipt of order
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All products sold on myjapanaddress come without a warranty as these products though not different from the products sold abroad are for the Japanese market However, expensive high end cameras and other expensive non bulky items can be returned for repair during the one year validity of the Japanese warranty, the cost to and fro of shipping (tracked) the product will be shouldered by the customer and the decision whether to send it back to Japan for repairs rest with
the customer as well.
There is no threshold value used to determine whether a product qualifies to be returned to Japan for repairs, The issue is the shipping cost compared to the
cost of the product and the decision rest entirely with the customer. It should be noted that the product has to reach myjapanaddress before the 0ne year warranty elapses.

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