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Condition : NEW

Power Source: 220 – 240V   50/60H

Plug : SE Type

※ Incl free one plug to match your country plug

[1.0L] RZ-DMD10Y 5.5cups

Power Consumption

Cooking : 800W    Warming * 38W

Colour : Red


Packaging Size :   Approx. 293(W) × 260 (H) × 375(D) mm


• Measuring cup, rice Scoop, Steam Basket, Recipe Book
• Operating Instructions:English


Out of stock


All about RZ-DMD10Y




・ Multi-purpose Rice Cooker with Slow Cook Function

 Auto Recipe Mode : 40 Recipes 

・ 14 Cooking Modes

    ・Cooked Recipe : Jasmine rice, White rice, Brown rice, Sticky rice, Mixed rice, Porridge, Bread, Cake

    ・Easy to read clear colored LCD panel

    ・keep warm function 

    ・Timer for reserved cooking

    ・Melody to alert 

    ・Steam cooking

    ・Slow cooking mode with High/Low

    ・Convection Rice Cooking

    ・1.5mm Thick Black Coated Inner Pot with Convection Ridges

    ・New cooking programs: Mixed Rice & Bread

    ・Rapid Rice Cooking program

    ・Preset Timer  for Cooking  Rice and Porridge 
    ・Removable Extra Big Super Steam Cap
    ・Non-sticky Inner Pot makes for easy and fast cleaning
    ・Removable Inner lid 

    RZ-DMD10Y pot



      Power Source: 220 – 240V   50/60Hz

      ※ Make sure the power source matches that of your home country

    Power Consumption :  800 W      Keep Warm : 38W

    Type :Microcomputer

    Product Size     : Approx. 260(W) × 230 (H) × 340(D) mm

    Product Weight : Approx.3.6 kg

    Colour : ReD

    Operating Manual : English


    Weight 3.6 kg
    Dimensions 340 × 260 × 230 cm

    Additional information

    Power Source: 220-240V   50Hz / 60Hz

    Power Consumption : 800 W    Warming : 38W

    Product Size:
    Approx. 260(W) × 230 (H) × 340(D) mm

    Product Weight  :  Approx. 3.6 kg

    Colour : Red
    Gross Weight  :  4kg
    Operating Manual : English

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